January 4, 2018

For Christians who can help

Are you a Christian who can help another believer in need?

Can you help another brother or sister with a service, item or professional advice?

Perhaps you are a professional or specialist in a particular field, a hand

y-man, have a particular skill set, or just have a big heart. There are many brothers and sisters  in and around the GTA who need your help.

We are reaching out to all the Bible believing churches in the Toronto and surrounding areas to let us know if there are Christians in their congregations who are in need and also if there are any who can help. Sometimes a church can be quite small and have a believer who is suffering with a need, and that congregation lacks in the resources or skilled person who can help. Sometimes there are large churches ust down the road or across town, with many in their congregation who can meet those required resources or skills to help those individuals in the smaller churches- or visa versa.

God has given us all gifts of the Spirit. Some are big and some are small. However, they are all very important in building and edifying the body of Christ

We have all heard of the passage in Matthew 10 where Jesus tells us

that that if someone gives a glass of water, food,clothing, visitation etc, they are also giving to Him. Although this can apply to the world in general, notice that Jesus was very specific to mention “these of the least of my brothers”. He is talking abut believers here. Sometimes our churches get focused and energized so much on reaching the lost with our time talents and treasures, and miss the important needs of our own brothers and sisters sitting next to us in the pews or in the church down the street or across town.

The early church in Acts 4 saw this importance and acted upon it. We ought to

follow their example. In Acts 4 the believers were selling things they had and laying the proceeds at the apostles feet, for distribution to those in need. This means that they were giving of their resources and not charging money for it to fellow believers in need. The brothers and sisters that we are focusing on with the Acts4Project,  will be families or individuals who are disadvantaged financially, physically, or both. Although we will be requiring 2 or three witnesses to their needs, we trust that honesty to the Holy Spirit will be received from these believers. We also trust that you who are helping will offer your time, talents and treasures to these believers in need- free of charge

If you feel that God is speaking to your heart on these matters, and would like to help, I would ask that you first and foremost pray about it. Please, it is so important to offer this project and ministry to God first. Ask God to open up a door that will give the opportunity for a fellow believer to receive the help they desperately need. Only after this, fill out the form below.

Thank you, and may God richly bless you with all spiritual blessings!